Actor Hosea Chanchez To – You Got Me, My Hairline Was JACKED UP!!!

: Yesterday showed you the above pic of actor Hosea Chanchez' hairline (he's the actor that plays Malik on the CW hit series The Game). Well, the good-natured Hosea reached out to us to thank us for putting him On Blast!. Here's what he had to say:

I woke up this morning with calls and e-mails from all my folks. I didn't really know why until ..... I checked my shyt and low and behold... Damn, yall got me! LOL

You can't argue with what's real. My haircut was f'd up.

I was hoping that if I ever ended up on this site it would be for my charity work (yeah right). But hey, you'll be glad (or sad) to know that it won't be that way again. Cause a brotha makin' sure he don't go out wit his head looking like that again!

Thanks Media Take Out, y'all do some good after all. LOL
HOSEA AKA "Malik Wright"

Who says people in Hollywood can't take a joke...


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