: MediaTakeOut.com loves its readers from the Turks and Caicos, they usually have the best scoops on Lisa Raye and her husband Premiere Misick. Here's the latest dish on those two - straight from the islands:

[The trouble] started when Lisa Raye found out about the affair that Michael Misick is [allegedly] having with her friend Nicole Murphy. As you know, it is true that they were in the Bahamas together. [When] Lisa found out, she was very shocked and upset - she carried on really bad in the islands.

A few days later Lisa Raye set up the boxing show featuring Zab Judah and other contenders. Well she showed up extremely late and when the Minister went to kiss her on the lips, she pulled back and said loudly “No Mr. Missick” and walked away.

He was extremely embarrassed and then she left him. For the rest of the night, he sat in the front row with a woman that Lisa Raye brought from the states.

Then about a week later, the Minister flew Ms. Murphy into the islands one jet as Lisa was occupying the other one. Well wifey came home unexpectedly and [Michael Misick] had to put Ms. Murphy at the Regent Palms hotel.

Well of course new spreads fast in the islands and the wife found out all about it.

She attended church that early Sunday morning and I sat in the pew behind her. Well the Pastor Williams preached about adultery that Sunday (how common) and Lisa began to cry hysterically. He had to come off the pulpit and console her. After service she stayed at the church to talk to him for about 3 hours……..

We wonder, if they get divorced can Lisa Raye get half of the islands???


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