EXCLUSIVE Interview – Peedi Crack Claims Jay Z’s A ‘CAMEL FACE’ Because He Dropped EVERYONE From Rocafella

: Over the weekend, MediaTakeOut.com told you of a brewing hip hop feud between Jay Z and one of his most loyal Rocafella artists - Philadelphia rapper Peedi Crack. Well MediaTakeOut.com got an exclusive interview with Peedi Crack and he explained why he called Jay Z a "Camel Face."

According to Peedi, his "Camel Face" jab at Jay Z was nothing personal. According to him it was retribution for Jay Z dropping just about every artist from his Rocafella label. Peeri told MediaTakeOut.com, " I put the Camel Face [EXPLETIVE] out as a reaction to Jay Z dropping everybody from Rocafella recently ... He set up a meeting to have a one on one talk with all of us ... As opposed to having the one-on-one meeting he sent an A and R from Def Jam to break the news .. which was a ho move to me."

And while he's not 100% sure, Peedi suspects that fellow Rocafella artists Beanie Siegal and Freeway may have also been dropped from Rocafella. Peedi explained to MediaTakeOut.com, "I [think] Jay Z dropped everyone ... But I'm not sure exactly who he dropped ... The A&R said, 'There's no more Rocafella Records and you're all free to leave.'"

But even with all the turmoil, Peedi is optimistic about his career. The popular Philadelphia rapper told MediaTakeOut.com that there are plenty of other labels interested in signing him.

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