: It appears that 50 Cent may be swindling members of his G-Unit label. MediaTakeOut.com has just learned that, in a recent interview with popular internet magazine YoRaps.com, Young Buck claims that he's not being paid royalties by 50's label.

Here's a direct quote from Buck:

A lot of artists don’t recoup off of albums, so a lot of times they never get to see the backend from that project. I’m the only artist on G-Unit that ever recouped off of an album. Meaning I went off on this "Buck The World" project not owing Interscope and G-Unit sh*t, I can say that much.

I’m still waiting on a royalty check period. I never seen a royalty check since I’ve been signed with G-Unit ... I’ve never in my career cashed a royalty check, how you like that? Put that one in big black letters n*gga!

Dang .... You know 50 won't stand for Buck talkin' sideways about their business to the press...


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