: Here's a report from one of MediaTakeOut.com's roving correspondents Bimbo.

Easter Sunday, I was at a very popular Gay Hip Hop club in Brooklyn, NY. And, guess who I was hanging out with. Ray, the out the closet gay dude from BET’s College Hill Season 3.

He’s a very cool queen, but a very loud queen though. I guess we all get a little crazy, when we start to drink. Okay, okay I’m getting to the dirt. Well, Ray was at the club, spilling his tea and making allegations that him and [a member] from Bad Boy, Day 26 are getting it in. And, that they were lovers. Which could be either true or false in my opinion? And, I say true, because he is Usher's and Puffy's favorites.

My thing is, if [a certain member of Day 26] is gay, he must be on the low about it. So, why go mess with a dude like Ray, who is out and proud. To my gay understanding, most down low men only have sexual dealings with only other down low men. And, another reason, these allegations, could be false, is because, if [a certain member of Day 26] do get down, look at him, nice toned up body, why would he want to have sexual dealings with Ray.

No shade to Ray, but you are a big girl. Anyway, whatever the case may be. If Ray and [a certain member of Day 26] are together, Congrats! And, [member of Day 26] you need to come out with it. You and Ray could make history.

The 1st Famous gay Hip hop couple, well out the closet couple. Because, you know, there are many in the closet gay Hip Hop couples. And, by the way How u doing to the whole Day 26 group, Puffy really set your up with that name. Day 26 aka.... well you know.

Bimbo really is too much...


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