: Was something going on between Missy Elliot and Keyshia Cole??? That's what some people are speculating. An entertainment insider told MediaTakeOut.com that word in industry circles is that while Missy and Keyshia were recording their hit song Let It Go, something might have popped off.

The insider, who spoke to MediaTakeOut.com on the condition of anonymity, explained, "They were spending a lot of time together, and not just to make music. They got close." The insider added, "It should have only taken a few days to [make the song Let It Go] but it took more than a week ... and a lot of late nights in the studio. I can't say that anything happened, but I know that Missy is the type of [woman] who gets what she wants."

Gotta give it to Missy ... ole girl is a pimp...


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