: It's ON!!! MediaTakeOut.com reported to you that R&B singer Keri Hilson was talkin' real reckless about Beyonce and Ciara yesterday in a new freestyle. Well according to one of MediaTakeOut.com's readers, Keri CONFIRMED IT on a radio show in Washington DC.

Here's a piece of what Keri said about Beyonce:

Interviewer: When you wrote Beyonce's verse in Love In This Club and hear Beyonce singing it … did she sing it like you sang it, or did you change it up.

Keri: It pretty much is the same … She doesn’t write everything she touches

REAAAOW ... And here's what our reader heard her say about Ciara:

With respect to Ciara, she said she didn't have any particular issues because Ciara give credit for "Ooh Baby," which was the only song she's written for Ciara. She could have gone in more on Ciara, but Polow asked her not to so she only took little jabs.

She says she has submitted other songs to Ciara's camp but Ciara did not accept them and that could be hate but at the end of the day, "there can only be one Queen of the South, and I want that spot."



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