: Well, MediaTakeOut.com is hearing that a Chris Brown-Rihanna reconciliation is becoming LESS AND LESS likely. According to the British newspaper News Of The World Rihanna’s got back with her ex-boyfriend named Negus. Here’s how they’re reporting it:

A friend revealed: "Negus was a shoulder to cry on. He's a really smart guy-clever, good-looking, very cool. All the girls adore him and call him the Love God! He and Rihanna were seeing each other before she hit the big time."

Now, after falling back in love with Negus, 21-year-old Rihanna is telling friends and family that Brown, 19, is definitely "history". Our source added: "Rihanna and Negus both realised there was still a strong sexual attraction between them and became inseparable. Whenever Rihanna went to the beach or out partying, Negus was always there.

She really is getting around ain’t she….


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