: The Lakers-Denver series just got a WHOLE LOT more interesting. MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY learned that a feud is popping off between Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa and Kenyon Martin's fiance, rapper Trina.

According to a person in the know, Kobe's wife was poppin' off at Trina during the first game - where the Lakers won. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, "Vanessa walked by Trina and tried to talk trash, but Trina wasn't having it. She told that b*tch to keep it moving before she got hurt."

But according to our insider, Vanessa wasn't backing down. MediaTakeOut.com's tipster continued, "[Vanessa] said she wasn't afraid of Trina and acted like she would fight ... I don't know if she knows who she's talking too ... Trina doesn't play games with silly [EXPLETIVES] like her. Next time that [EXPLETIVE] opens up her mouth, Trina will stomp her out - with her Louboutins ... And she'll do it on camera for the world to see."

Oh my ... Can't wait to see Game 2!!!!

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