: MediaTakeOut.com just learned that rapper Jay Z and The Game’s feud just got a whole lot deeper. Apparently The Game is now bringing Beyonce into the beef.

It all started a few weeks ago, when Jay Z mentioned The Game in one of his Freestyles. Jay said the following:

I ain't talking about profit, I'm talking about pain
Talking about the city, talking about shame
I ain't talkin' about gossip, I ain't talkin' 'bout Game
I ain't talkin' about Jimmy, I ain't talkin' about Dame

Sounds pretty tame right … well Game ain’t think so. MediaTakeOut.com just learned that The Game dropped the following lyrics at a recent Freestyle in Madrid, Spain

This ain’t about about Bey, it ain’t no Destiny,
I’m in Madrid bangin with C-P-T,

You got a bad b*tch word,
Ain’t no p*ssy like hers,
Just ask the Mavericks, Rockets, and the Spurs
I mean – my b*tch don’t slang p*ssy like that…

So Fuck Jay Z!!

Note – all the basketball teams Game mentioned are located in Texas – Beyonce’s home state!!

And for those that are having trouble believing that The Game would say something like this – we gots video!!!


Absolutely NO other news source in the world is reporting on thiis - it is a MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVE report. Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit us if you use ANY information contained herein


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