SUPERHEAD ADVANCED SEX TIP!! She Explains Her FAVORITE POSITION … The One She Uses To Get Men SPRUNG (Step-By-Step Instructions Plus Illustrations Inside)

: has been giving you Superhead's sex lessons for some time now - but now here's the ADVANCED version - step by step. Courtesy of Karrine Steffans heself:

STEP 1. Sit him on the sofa and make full contact with his body.
2. Straddle him face to face.
3. Begin by nibbling on his ear and neck.
4. Whisper in his ear. Tell him how much you love him and missed him while he was away, or how turned on you are just by the sight of him.
5. Place his face between your breasts and manipulate your nipples in, out, and around his lips.
6. Continuously gyrate, slowly, and gently grinding your body against his.
7. Slowly and carefully switch positions, sitting on him with his back to you.
8. Place your feet on the floor between his legs.
9. Slowly stand while simultaneously pulling off your bottoms.
10. Tease him with your bottoms, pulling them up and down, on and off, while moving your body like a snake.
11. When you have removed your bottoms, sit on his lap with your back to him and bring your legs up onto the sofa to straddle him.
12. Once you are propped up with your knees, bend down and touch the floor with your hands. This will place your bottom half directly in his face.
13. Slide onto the floor, carefully, slowly.
14. Lie on your side, raise one leg and bend the other inward.
15. Showcase your extended leg and your perineum.
16. Rock back and forth on your bottom, switch legs, then repeat.

Sounds WAAAAAY to advanced for us. She lost us at about step 4 or 5 ....


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