: It appears that the Tiny & Toya show, BET's breakout hit, was supposed to be just the Baby Mama’s Show. But MediaTakeOut.com is hearing that Toya ended that with the quickness.

Here's a report from the Mrs. Grapevine blog, the author is a regular MTO reader:

I have an entire page about how it was Joy's (Joy is Lyfe Jennings' baby mother) idea to do reality show but it was to be like a talk show. She actually came up with idea and the ladies. That’s why it’s never been explained how Antonia and Tiny became friends; it was Joy who was the mutual friend of the ladies. Also Christine White (Luda baby mama) was suppose to be in with them but she and Toya had a falling out.

I don’t want to say that Joy is beefing because she’s a great girl but Toya is always calling out people on hatin’ and being snakes when she knows she was hatin’ on Joy. Joy and Toya were like sister.

It’s sad in relation to Joy. Joy is the one that brought them all together. Toya was dating one of the producer’s friends during production. lol! Honey she’s not all that NICE. Do u remember Kandi saying that Joy and the producer had a fallin out and the next day Joy and Kandi was cut from the show? Well that’s why.

We can’t believe it .. BET turned down two EXTRA baby mothers. What's going on over there …


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