: There's some DRAMA going on in Gospel music. MediaTakeOut.com just learned that Christian rapper Da Truth (Gov. name, Emanuel L. Lambert) was suspended indefinitely from his record label Cross Movement Records.

What did he do, you ask? Well he reportedly has been HAVING AN AFFAIR with his best friend's wife. And not just any old best friend, the dude whos wife he's allegedly screwing is a gospel artist also named Tye Tribett.

Here's how the website, DaGospelTruth.com is reporting it:

Apparently Da' T.R.U.T.H.'s "indiscretion" was an extramarital affair of his own. As the facts are slowly unfolding, and as much as it sounds like an episode of the Young & The Restless, the affair was allegedly with [Tye] Tribett's wife Shante. Yes, you read that correctly!

Confused? Well, here's the recap in a nutshell: Tye cheated on his wife with a choir member who was his good friend's baby's mother. Da' T.R.U.T.H., Tye's mentee, cheated with Tye's wife. And it's all going on in gospel. Who would have thought?

Well how do we know that this is all true? We can't say for sure. But Da Truth has all but admitted to it, when he posted an apology on his personal website shortly after the gospel world started buzzing with the rumor. The apology was for a "moral indiscretion." Here's a portion of the apology:

In light of a moral indiscretion in my personal life, I will be taking a sabbatical from music ministry and teaching upon fulfilling my current commitments to work closely with my pastor, church and restoration team.

I have repented first to God and then to my wife and family. It is my prayer that my family, supporters and the brethren in Christ will collectively be able to forgive me.

DANG!!! That does sound like an episode of Y&R...


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