: MediaTakeOut.com has some SAD news to report - Montel Williams is an ABSENTEE father.

Here's what happened. Montel has two children from his ex-wife photo'd above named Grace. Apparently Montel had a great relationship with the children, until he and Grace divorced.

According to reports, that's when Montel turned his back on the children. MediaTakeOut.com confirmed that Montel is paying child support for the children ($18,700 a month - OUCH!!) but he's not giving them any emotional support.

Finally his children are coming out to put their dad ON BLAST. Here's how the NY Daily News is reporting it:

[Montel's] children say his public persona doesn't jibe with their personal pain - and they are asking that Williams either take an active role in their lives or let their mom make all the decisions.

"I wouldn't say I really have a relationship with my dad," the younger Montel said. "He's not in my life right now. It's his choice.

"I eat every night. I'm comfortable, but I can't say I have him as a father," he added. "There's all this fighting over things that shouldn't be a fight, like paying for my PSAT."

[His daughter] Wyntergrace has seen him four times in five years and their last meeting - a therapy session in September - was a disaster.

"He walked in already mad. He said he thought we were going to dinner, but my e-mail clearly said we were going to see my therapist," she said.

"It was intimidating. I was thinking, 'Why should I talk if I'm just going to get yelled at?'"

Montel is a very angry man . . . and he is DEAD AZZ WRONG for abandoning his children like that.

What's even more sad is that dude is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and can LOSE HIS HEALTH at any minute. And who do you think will be taking care of him when that happens....


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