TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE!!!! R&B Singer Anita Baker Faces JAIL TIME . . . For Not Signing Over HALF OF HER MUSIC ROYALTIES To Her Ex-Husband And His NEW GIRLFRIEND!!!

: just learned some SAD NEWS. R&B singer Anita Baker may get LOCKED UP . . . for not living up to the divorce settlement with her estranged husband Walter Bridgforth.

Here’s what happened. Walter and Anita have known each other for over 30 years and were married for nearly 23 years. The couple was together all throughout Anita’s career, and Walter claims that he helped her with some of her more popular recordings.

Well last year, they decided to split, and share joint custody of their two sons, Walter Jr (16) and Edward (15). As part of the divorce, learned that the couple agreed to split all of Anita’s recording money and royalties 50-50.

So anyway, now it seems like Anita has changed her mind, now that she came to her senses. According to reports, Anita is refusing to sign the paperwork so that dude can get his 50% of her hard earned money. Walter claims that Anita is reneging on her deal.

So the two are going before a judge today on a contempt hearing where Anita will have to either sign the papers, or go to jail.

We kinda got to agree with Anita on this one. It just don’t seem fair that she does all the singing, and that dude gets half the money . . .


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