BUSTED!!! Wyclef’s Wife Finds NEKKID Pics Of His JUMPOFF/MANAGER On His Phone . . . And She FORCES HIM To Fire Her!!! (Pics Of The Wife And JUMPOFF Inside)

: MediaTakeOut.com just heard a rumor making its way around the industry. Here's what we know as FACT - Wyclef and his longtime manager Lisa Ellis have decided to split ways. According to Lisa, she dropped Wyclef because dude was doing bad business

But there is another RUMOR going around. That she was Wyclef's JUMPOFF and his wife found out. Here's how the NY Daily News is reporting it:

"Fugees" star Wyclef Jean may be in trouble at home after his wife discovered a nude picture of his gorgeous manager on his cell phone, sources said.

Marie Claudinette demanded her hip-hop star husband fire Lisa Ellis after finding the sexy shot . . .

"Claudinette flew into a jealous rage," claimed one insider. "She jumped to the conclusion that something may be up between Wyclef and Lisa. She told Lisa to stay away from her husband. To embarrass Lisa, she also e-mailed the nude picture to a number of people in the music business."

Ellis insisted her relationship with the Grammy-winning Jean has always been strictly professional.


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