: MediaTakeOut.com has some extremely DISTURBING footage for you guys. Remember two years ago, when legendary singer Eddie Levert's son Sean DIED MYSTERIOUSLY while in police custody. He was arrested after falling behind in child support payments.

Police claimed that he died of "exhaustion" and the official coroner's report claimed he died of "natural causes".

Well here's the video that appears to show otherwise. According to MediaTakeOut.com's insiders in the know, the video shows Sean, who was taking the anti-anxiety medication XANEX. And as the below video shows, he was going through EXTREMELY SEVERE WITHDRAWAL from the medication.

Instead of taking him to the hospital, where doctors could administer the requisite treatment, the police merely put him in restraints and then left him. Eventually he passed away.

May he rest in peace.

EDITOR'S UPDATE - Sean Levert's family is currently SUING the city of Cleveland for not providing ADEQUATE ASSISTANCE to him. Thusfar, the media has IGNORED the family's lawsuit and THEIR PLIGHT. Hopefully now that MediaTakeOut.com puts the TRUTH OUT TO THE WORLD, the Levert family can finally receive their justice


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