: MediaTakeOut.com just learned of on eof the most HEINOUS crimes ever. Two NY men are being charged with brutally raping a 14 year old girl – while they kept her hostage for TWO WEEKS!!!.

Here’s how everything popped off. The two men, Anthony King and Kevin Evans, both 24, picked up the girl and a female friend, also 14. They took the teenage girls to a secluded apartment where they offered them HEROIN.

After the two ANIMALS managed to separate the girls. One of the girls was released, but the victim was taken to ANOTHER home where she was held AGAINST HER WILL for two weeks.

Here’s how the NY Daily News is reporting the rest of the story:

While she was there, Evans injected her with a substance that knocked her out, prosecutors said.

Evans spent the next two weeks brutalizing the girl, lawyers charged. She was beaten, raped and even scalded with boiling water, sources said.

King, who lives in the neighborhood, eventually joined Evans in raping and beating the girl, sources said.

The drugged and savaged girl drifted in and out of consciousness until Tuesday, when she woke up and realized she was uncuffed and that another woman was in the basement, sources said.

"She asked the woman if there was anyone else in the house," a source said. "She said no, and the girl just takes off and calls her mother."

Unfortunately NY no longer has the DEATH PENALTY. But if these dudes are convicted – they should BRING IT BACK just for them . ..


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