EXPLOSIVE RUMOR: Diddy Attempting To FIRE Nicki Minaj’s BOYFRIEND!! (Details)

: Well a day doesn't go by without a TOP MUSIC INSIDER calling up MediaTakeOut.com with some Diddy-Nicki Minaj rumors.

At first, the rumor was that Diddy was sleeping with Nicki begind her boyfriend SBs back (which we think is VERY plausible).

And now, the rumor is that Diddy isn't just trying to GET AT HER BODY . . . he's looking to take over her life.

According to MediaTakeOut.com's SNITCH, Diddy is maneuvering to have HIMSELF replace her longtime hypeman - her boyfriend SB. The insider explained,"Diddy was hype man for Biggie and he wants to be hypeman for Nicki . . . But my guess is that he's trying to get her away from [SB]. He wants it to just be the two of them."

As MediaTakeOut.com told you in the past,SB and Nicki have been dating for nearly 4 years.

Hopefully Nicki doesn't fall for this mess . . .


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