: Jermaine Dupri is officially an IDIOT. You remember when he and Janet ABRUPTLY broke up late last year - when he was supposedly helping her GET OVER MICHAEL'S DEATH???

Well now an EXTREMELY RELIABLE MediaTakeOut.com insider told us why - because Jermaine CHEATED with a SKRIPPER from Atlanta gentleman's club Magic City - and got her pregnant.

And word is that the SKRIPPER . .. is due ANY DAY NOW!!!

Soooo . . . let us get this straight. Jermaine's UGLY LITTLE AZZ . . . who we hear is having MONEY PROBLEMS, and now has to DJ parties to keep up on the bills, cheated on one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

Well . . . he's about to get what he deserved. Can't wait until he has to TRICK OFF all his DJ money for a babysitter. Cause MediaTakeOut.com is hearing that his BABY MOMS has no plans on giving up DANCING once her lil tot is hatched!!!


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