: A dedicated MTOer who is related to R&B singer Michel’le sent in the following report:

Hey I would like to keep my identity to myself but i have some rather FUNNY information on Former Death Row Singer Michel'le Toussant to whom i'm related to.

Around the same time Dre left Death Row he left her and tried to take her son Marcel but she wouldn't let him, not only because she loved him, but for the child support money in which she got about $50,000 a month for him. She soon started dating Suge who took all her money and spent it along with her and her sons Life savings which had about $1,000,000+.

She came around once in awhile to show off her new toys she got or whatever but around the time [her son] turned 18 and the checks stopped rolling in, Suge left her ass stranded. She still had a little money in which she soon spent up and eventually had to sell her Mercedes Truck for a 1991 Saturn which she now drives.

The only reason I'm doing this is because of all the years of her teasing our family calling us poor, and now she's on welfare & food stamps.

The person said some MORE stuff about substance abuse and loose behavior, but we were UNABLE to verify it so we omitted it from the report.

But let this be a lesson to everyone. When times are good, never SH*T on your fam. Cause when times get bad . . . you may find yourself on MedaTakeOut.com. . .

For those of y'all who FORGOT who she is:


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