: Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with R&B singer Usher - and MediaTakeOut.com is very concerned.

But we're not the only ones, MediaTakeOut.com spoke with someone close to the singer who claims that he's been acting very CRACK-ISH lately. One insider explained, "Usher went down about 4 SIZES. He used to be a size 34 - now he's a 30." The insider continued, "I don't know what's going on. I know he smokes weed and does a lot of Ecstasy ... [I hope] he's not using cocaine."

Another MTO insider who witnessed the R&B singer's recent behavior in Germany was even more direct. The insider explained, "When Usher was on stage he looked and acted like a CRACKHEAD. It's almost like a Whitney Houston concert."

And you can see Usher's BIZARRE rant for yourself below. You'll see that after he's finished, he clearly starts CRYING!!!!


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