: MediaTakeOut.com just got ahold of some BLOCKBUSTER information. First off, a lil birdie sent us the below image, a SEXT PIC . . .

Here's the kicker. This pic was sent in 2008, but NOT to Chris Brown. It was sent to a 40 year old rapper (who will remain nameless). According to our snitch, said rapper had a FALLING OUT with one of his boys . . . and now dude is gonna put ALL his business out on the street.

We hear . .. the other shoe is gonna drop TOMORROW!!!

Stay tuned y'all, this is gonna get GOOD!!!

To see the UNCENSORED pic, click here

EDITOR'S UPDATE: There are a bunch of FAKE news agencies claiming that this image was taken from a Rihanna promo booklet. It was NOT. And if they pulled up the book, LIKE WE DID, they would see that this image was CLEARLY not taken from the back of any of Rihanna's promo material.


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