MTO World Exclusive: We Got The UNCENSORED Rihanna-Chris Brown ABUSE PICS!! (Warning – VERY GRAPHIC Images)

: received the following images from a tipster. The images show pop SUPERSTAR Rihanna shortly after she was brutally PUNCHED over and over in the face by her then boyfriend, R&B singer Chris Brown. is hearing reports of some kind of a Chris Brown-Rihanna RECONCILIATION. In light of that, we've decided to release the images.

These images are far more GRUESOME than the one previously released. The photos show THE MOST ACCURATE depiction of what happened that fateful night. We've heard APOLOGIES . . . and EXCUSES . . . but the photos TELL THE STORY!!!

Editor's Update - It should be noted that days after the actual attack, before the CRIMINAL CASE against Chris Brown was disposed of, just about EVERY news organization in the WORLD published photos of Rihanna's bruised face (including CNN and FOX News).


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