: MediaTakeOut.com has been a fan of comedian Steve Harvey for many years . . . but we may have to RECONSIDER that.

MediaTakeOut.com was provided EXCLUSIVE court documents which show that Steve Harvey got his ex-wife ARRESTED . . . because she missed a COURT DATE!!!

According to a family friend, Steve and his ex-wife Mary Harvey are in the midst of a LEGAL BATTLE about the CUSTODY AGREEMENT they made for their son Wynton. In the past, Mary AGREED to give Steve primary custody of their son. But Mary now feels that she is NOT BEING ALLOWED ANY VISITATION.

The visitation, along with other matters, was SUPPOSED to be dealt with during a MARCH court date. But Mary was UNABLE to attend a court date. Now any REASONABLE person would just RESCHEDULE the date - right? Well not Steve Harvey.

As the below papers EXPLICITLY show, Steve and his attorneys requested a "Motion For Enforcement." And they got the court to issue an ARREST WARRANT against Mary. Mary - who is a 50 year old mother, was TAKEN INTO CUSTODY in Los Angeles yesterday.

We heard rumors of how COLD HEARTED and HATEFUL that Steve Harvey was . . . but this is more than HATEFUL . . . that man is PURE EVIL!!!


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