: MediaTakeOut.com just got some EXPLOSIVE news. Cynthia from the Atlanta Housewives' new husband PETER is currently ON TRIAL . . . for BEING A WOMAN BEATER!!

According to one of MediaTakeOut.com's SNITCHES in the Atlanta courthouse, Peter Thomas is currently ON TRIAL for beating up a female former employee named Tamela. He was charged with SIMPLE BATTERY and is having a BENCH TRIAL.

And get this. We're told, by insiders watching the trial, that it looks like he's going to be CONVICTED . . . And that he's going to be sent to JAIL for A YEAR!!!

DANG . . . we knew that something was up with PETER. The way he acted . . . and that LOOK IN HIS EYE . .. said women beater!!!

Oh, and by the way . . . we're the ONLY news source in theworld reporting this. NONE of the local Atlanta TV stations even KNOW this is happening (until now). And neither does the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit MediaTakeOut.com for this report - even if another media outlet STEALS the report from us. You KNOW we're the originator so give us CREDIT. And if you don't, we will NEVER link to any of your future report EVER!!!


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