: MediaTakeOut.com just got a BLOCKBUSTER piece of news . . . Beyonce is looking to REUNITE Destiny's Child . .. this weekend at the UKs GLASTONBURY festival.

According to a number of news sources, Beyonce is searching for a way to get her buzz back . . . and she believes that REUNITING Destiny's Child would do so.

Well now, an EXTREMELY credible person close to Beyonce says that Bey's is working HARD to get that reunion to occur THIS WEEKEND . . in time to generate BUZZ for Beyonce's new album 4 which is being released on Tuesday.

The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, "The goal is to get Kelly and [Michelle] to perform at Glastonbury on Sunday. Kelly is a pretty big deal in Europe, so bringing her out would be front page news." And that's not all that Kelly and Michelle would get. The insider added, "They would join [Beyonce] and finish up her tour with her."

Sounds like a NO BRAINER for Kelly right . . . WRONG!! You see Kelly is riding some NEW FOUND FAME as a solo artist. She has a new hit song (Motivation), she's starring as a judge on Britain's American Idol, and most of all . . . this Sunday when Bey wants her to join her at GLASTONBURY, Kelly's scheduled to perform at the BET Awards.

So what's Kelly going to do? Well our insider SUSPECTS that Kelly will join Bey on tour. Tells the insider, "It's a good financial move."

Not sure we agree. Kely is FINALLY getting some shine of her own and now Bey wants to make her a BACKUP SINGER again. Nah Kelly . . . not a good move . . .


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