: We here at MediaTakeOut.com are RARELY shocked by the level of DEPRAVITY we hear about. But this time we ARE!!!

An HIV-positive father in Ohio was arrested on Saturday for raping his infant son, police say.

Lenny Love, a 29 year old DOWNLOW man from Ohio, is being charged with RAPING his 6 month old son. And it gets WORSE - Lenny has HIV and he INFECTED the innocent baby with the disease.

But get THIS, prosecutors in Silverton, Ohio are REFUSING to charge this MONSTER with MURDER . . . or even ATTEMPTED MURDER.

Instead, Lenny is only charged with 2 counts of rape, 1 count of felonious assault and 1 count of marijuana possession.

If you want to COMPLAIN about the way this is being handled, here are a few numbers that you can call:

Silverton Police Department (513) 936-6220
Mayor's Office (513) 936-6240

Let them know that DESPITE what you hear on FOXNEWS, Black folk believe in JUSTICE and the DEATH PENALTY for monsters like this!!!


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