MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! We Got Pics Of Beyonce’s STOMACH . . . It’s BIG AND LOOSE . . . Like A Mom With FOUR KIDS!!!

: This morning, we here at are at a COMPLETE loss for words. We managed to get our hands on photos of Beyonce's performance in Ireland last night.

And during the performance, her dress FLIES UP and exposes her BELLY. And we were absolutely FLABBERGASTED with what we saw. can CONCLUSIVELY REPRESENT that the photos have NOT in any way been ALTERED.

Dang . . . we never believed the RUMORS of Bey having a secret KID before. But that looks an AWFUL LOT like the STOMACH of a woman with KIDS.

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this EXCLUSIVE report. If you do not, we will NEVER link to ANY of your reports EVER!!


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