: MediaTakeOut.com just got an EXCLUSIVE REPORT . . . as of yesterday, Mo'Nique's highly rated talk show just got the AXE.

So what happened? Well it's not ENTIRELY CLEAR, but MediaTakeOut.com spoke with a NEWLY UNEMPLOYED producer from the show who claims that it wasn't RATINGS that caused Mo's show to get canceled.

The producer claims that there were "personality conflicts" between Mo and some of the higher ups at BET.

Sad to see Mo get her PINK SLIP . . . but we're HAPPY to say that we don't have to hear anymore HEY BABY'S . . .

As of time of publication, NO media source in the WORLD is reporting Mo'Nique's getting FIRED other than us. MediaTakeOut.com MUST be credited with BREAKING this report. If you don't credit us, we will NEVER credit you or your company for ANY of your reports. Trust us, it's not worth it to STEAL from us.


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