CALL THE POLICE!!! PEDOPHILE Woody Allen ADOPTED A Chinese PRE-TEEN GIRL . . . And He Looks Like He’s UP TO NO GOOD!! (Pics)

: This has to be one of the most DISGUSTING things that we've EVER seen. Director and PEDOPHILE Woody Allen has adopted a 13 year old CHINESE GIRL.

You'll recall that Woody was BUSTED for MOLESTING his step daughter, a chinese pre-teen named SOON YI back in the 1980s. But when police were moving in to QUESTION HER (and potentially LOCK WOODY UP) . . Woody married her, and they've been MARRIED ever since.

And now he's up to his OLD TRICKS again. got pics of Woody and his ADOPTED CHINESE 13 year old daughter . . . And while we can't say for CERTAIN that he's being INAPPROPRIATE, Woody is a PEDOPHILE - so he should NOT be alone with that child.


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