: MediaTakeOut.com just got a real JUICY bit of information . . . NBA baller DRAMA. MediaTakeOut.com spoke to a person IN THE KNOW who told us that NBA baller ZACH RANDOLPH (Memphis Grizzlies) is EXTRA HOT at baller Joe Johnson (Atlanta HAWKS).

Why . . . well beause according to our insider, Joe STOLE Zach's girlfriend . . a girl named LOLA.

Apparently LOLA was Zach's LONGTIME JUMPOFF (Zach has a LIVE-IN GIRLFRIEND named Faune). And well . . . Lola found her way to move from the JUMPOFF category . . to WIFEY category.

The below pics show Faune as Joe's DATE to his 30th birthday pary. She is officially his WIFEY.

So in conclusion there are two WINNERS in this story, Faune (whose baller has ONE FEWER jumpoffs) and Lola (who is a baller WIFEY) . . . and the losers . . . Joe and Zach.


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