: MediaTakeOut.com has some very SAD news. Actress Stacey Dash is getting FIRED from the VH1 hit show SINGLE LADIES. (Originally reported by InTouch Weekly)

Why, you ask? Well a little BIRDIE on the set tells us that LisaRaye has been working DILIGENTLY behind the scenes to turn the ENTIRE cast and crew against Stacy.

You'll recall that a few months ago MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY told you that Stacy and LisaRaye got into a FIGHT on set - with LisaRaye HEMMING HER UP!!

Well every time Stacy would show up late to set (which was NOT often, we're told) or anytime Stacy would mess us one of her lines (also, NOT often) LisaRaye would go BEHIND stacy's back and SLAM her to the producers.

And it worked. The word came down a few weeks ago that Stacy would NOT be asked to return next season.

That's some real DIRTY ISH LisaRaye . . . besides, we LIKED Stacy on the show.


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