MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Ciara’s Dating A NEW DUDE . . . And He’s A FAMOUS RAPPER!!! (Pics)

: just got some EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION - rapper Ludacris and Ciara are SEEING EACH OTHER.

Here's what we know. A few years ago, Ludacris and Ciara were an ITEM. This is not rumor, it is FACT. According to our Atlanta insider, Luda and Ci-Ci dated CASUALLY for a few months, but she ended up DROPPING him - as she got CLOSER to rapper 50 cent.

Well two nights ago, Luda and Ci-Ci were out looking VERY MUCH like a couple. And Luda's EX-MED SCHOOL chick Eudoxie . . . was NOWHERE IN SIGHT.

Tells our insider, "Ciara asked that Luda NOT bring [Eudoxie] to [club] Opera. And the two were kickin it all night together. Of course, they left together too."

And the VERY NEXT MORNING . . . the two showed up together to pose for cameras.

Good for them. We actually LIKE THESE TWO as a couple!!!


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