: We here at MediaTakeOut.com are not quite sure WHAT TO THINK. Two days ago, photos of Beyonce in CROATIA began circulating the web - with one pic, purporting to show Beyonce's Baby Bump.

But MediaTaeOut.com got ANOTHER photo - taken a few days ago by a REPUTABLE photo agency - which shows Beyonce in a bikini - and NO BABY BUMP!!!

Here's what we know. ALL of the Beyonce "Bikini" pics were taken on the same day, while the couple was vacationing in Croatia. On that day, Beyonce and Jay Z took an approximately 5 minute STROLL down a VERY PUBLIC beach and they allowed paparazzi to photos of the couple. During that time, Beyonce reportedly COVERED HER STOMACH for the majority of the time.

When she DID uncover her belly, her stomach was protruding.

But here's where the story gets FISHY. Later that day, one photographer managed to get a photo of Beyonce - back on her yacht, when she wasn't EXPECTING IT. And in that photo, her stomach was NOT protruding.

We're not sure WHAT to think . . .

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit MediaTakeOut.com for this EXCLUSIVE report


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