: To all you folks watching the VH1 show Basketball Wives LA - were you all a little OFF PUT by the way that Imani was GOING HARD at Draya.

As MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY BROKE a few months ago, Draya got her son TAKEN AWAY FROM HER - when she left him alone while she went out SKRIPPING.

AndImani was going HARD at Draya last night. But she shouldn't THROW STONES . . with her GLASS HOUSE LIVING SELF!!!

Because MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY learned that Imani ABANDONED her son . . . in an attempt to get NBA baller Stephen Jackson to marry her

According to a ROCK SOLID snitch, when Imani got with NBA baller Stephen Jackson - she told him that she had ONLY ONE child. That's because Stephen was ADAMANT, that he ONLY date childless women. She knew that if she told him that she had TWO children - he would NEVER marry her.

Stephen ended up making an exception, and dated Imani. And the two went on to have a TWO YEAR relationship, which had the couple bearing a daughter together. All the while, she CONCEALED the fact that she had ANOTHER SON.

What happened to that son, you ask . . . she had her FATHERS FAMILY raise the boy.

And it was ALL FOR NOT. Cause her NBA meal ticket, Stephen Jackson NEVER married her. When she refused to sign a pre-nup, he refused to marry her.

It's not clear whether Imani ever regained custody of that son.


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