: MediaTaeOut.com learned from A TRUSTED SNITCH that Jay Z and Beyonce are having . . . A BABY GIRL!!!

Here's what we know - AS FACT, not rumor. We spoke to someone affiliated with Christina Louboutin and learned that Jay Z's sister ANNIE placed an order for some CUSTOM Christan Louboutin booties. The bootie, which are a HOT COMMODITY among celebs, take approximately 6 months to receive.

Oh and for all those who think that Jay and Bey DON'T know the sex of the baby - you're WRONG. Beyonce's sister Solange told an interviewer at Fashion Week that Jigga and wifey DO know the sex, but are keeping it private for now.

Well . . . all you Bey fans wondering what to get music's TOP couple . . . get something in PINK!!!

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit MediaTakeOut.com if you use ANY information in this report. We work EXTREMELY HARD to break news stories, and we DESERVE credit for our work.


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