BASKETBALL WIVES DRAMA!!! Ron Artest’s Wife Reportedly ‘PUT HANDS’ On Shaunie O’Neal . . . Insider Claims Shaunie Got Her AZZ BEAT!!!

: just got wind of some CRAZY ISH!! According to one WELL CONNECTED publicist in Los Angeles - Kimsha has been BLACKBALLED from the Basketball Wives LA show.

Many viewers to the show are wondering WHY it appears that Kimsha has been EDITED OUT of just about EVERY scene in the show. Well we hear that it's at SHAUNIE'S REQUEST.

The insider tells, "Before the show aired, Kimsha told Shaunie that she didn't want [the producers] to make her look crazy on the show." The insider continued, "When Shaunie tried to act like she didn't have any control [over what happened], I heard Kimsha put hands on her." asked the insider to CLARIFY what they meant when they said Kimsha "PUT HANDS" on Shaunie. The insider replied, "Kimsha beat her azz."

WHHHHAAAAT!! That story appears to be CONFIRMED by the RECENT Facebook postings by Kimsha.


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