: TMZ just broke the news that rapper Rick Ross had a seizure on an airplane just a few moments ago. link to TMZ story

MediaTakeout.com just spoke to a friend of one of Ross entourage. He told his girlfriend that Ross' heart stopped and that paramedics are fighting to keep him alive, but that it doesn't look good.

The paramedics have not yet pronounced him dead, so we're all holding out hope. Let's all pray.

UPDATE: 1:55: It looks like prayers have worked, superstar rapper Ross has been revived. He is in the hospital under close supervision. It's not clear WHAT caused the seizure, but family and friends say it was NOT drug related.

UPDATE: In what has to be one of the most BIZARRE health scares that we've EVER heard of, rapper Rick Ross was taken into the hospital TWICE yesterday . . . after reports that he was having a "seizure" while on an airplane.

The first incident occurred when THE BOSS was on a Delta Air Lines flight from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Memphis, Tenn., where Ross was scheduled to appear at a University of Memphis basketball event that night. The plane was forced to make an UNSCHEDULED LANDING when Ross suffered what many are calling a "seizure". Paramedics were forced to REVIVE Ricky . . . when his friends were UNABLE TO FIND A PULSE on Ricky!!

Rick Ross was treated at a Fort Lauderdale hospital and released, and he even tweeted afterward: "Memphis here I come."

But after Ross hopped a Memphis-bound private jet, it also was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Birmingham, Ala. Reports are that Rick Ross had ANOTHER seizure.

Ricky Rozay was taken to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Hospital. He is recovering there as we speak.

Developing . . .


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