: MediaTakeOut.com just spoke with one of our most TRUSTED Beyonce insiders . . . and they gave us some AMAZNG information. Beyonce GAVE UP her Maybach . . . and she's now getting around town is a CUSTOMIZED Mercedes van.

And the price tag for the new van . . . more than $1 MILLION!!

According to our insider, the van has an engine powerful enough to run a MACK TRUCK . . . but a chasse that's as soft as a MAYBACH's. But the ride is just the beginning.

All the seats are HAND stitched Italian leather, and it has a $150K audio system installed. The van is also wired for DIRECTV and wifi internet.

And the kicker . . . the van has a FULL BATHROOM - with a SHOWER!!!

Dang Bey . . . we knew you were doing it BIG. But you just took things to a WHOLE 'NOTHER LEVEL!!

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