DIVORCE COUNTDOWN: Kim Kardashian ADMITS . . . Her MONTH-OLD Marriage Is ‘NOT IDEAL’ . . . Says They’re Going In ‘TWO DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS’!!!

: In case you had ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER you gotta see what Kim Kardashian told PEOPLE magazine.

In a recent interview, she described her month-long marriage to Kris Humpries ar LESS than ideal. And her mom claims that the two are going in different directions.

When asked by People how her marriage has been going so far, Kim said, "It's not been ideal."

Khloe chimed in also. She told the mag, "[The Kardashian family is] a tough crowd," Khloe said, speaking of her own family. "I think it's just a lot of transition [for Kris Humphries]."

And mom added her 2 cents. Kris Jenner said, "They're going two separate directions . . . They'll figure it out as soon as they get back [to Los Angeles."

LMAO at the magazine who paid $5 MILLION for her wedding pics. They may wanna get their MONEY BACK!!!


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