: Yesterday MediaTakeOut.com showed you images of Idris Elba and a lovely young sista going shopping. We were WONDERING if she and Idris were dating. Well apparently the answer is NO!!!

An MTOer who knows Idris PERSONALLY sent us an email - putting dude on BLIZASSSST!!! And according to that woman, Idris NO LONGER dates Black women!!!

Idris Elba may be on the cover of Essence magazine this month which is mostly read by African American women but Idris' true love is white women. When he did date black women, he only dated light skinned girls.

His ex Desiree ruined his taste for black women.

The first set of pics is one of the women he's been seeing while he is living in LA. You can see that she leaves with him in the car. These pics were taken on 10/12 the night before Idris appeared on Jimmy Kimmel. . .

His affinity for the white flesh is the reason he wants to keep his private life "private." He does not want to lose his fan base which is mostly black women. And none of these women work for him. The female that you have pictured on your website most recently is not someone he's dating.

She is on his payroll while he is filming Pacific Rim in Toronto. He only wants women he's not attracted to working for him. This can be easily checked out with the movie studio. I'm sending you this info because I'm tired of hiding his dark....or shall I say white secret.

His idea of good skin is of the white kind.

Dang Idris . . . say it ain't so!!!!


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