: MediaTakeOut.com learned that two days ago, Steve Harvey's ex-wife MARY was THROWN IN JAIL - for charges stemming from her bitter divorce from the Family Feud host.

According to a ROCK SOLID SNITCH, Mary was taken into custody - in front of her OTHER children.

But get this. While Mary was sitting in JAIL, Steve's attorney's served Mary with a LAWSUIT, and a TEMPORARY restraining order. Mary told our snitch that Steve is trying to PREVENT her from seeing their son EVER.

The insider explained, "Mary says that their son, Wynton, texted her asking to see her - but Steve won't allow it."

So why is Steve so AFRAID of Mary that he has to file a RESTRAINING ORDER against his ex-wife and SONS MOTHER. Well Steve is reportedly afraid that Mary will show up at the radio station, or at his house - and disrupt his life.

Wow Steve . . . you got EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD going for you . . and you still going HAM at your ex??? That's so very B*TCH AZZ of you . . .

Here is an interview with Mary:


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