: When MediaTakeOut.com heard that Kim Kardashian was LEAVING her paid appearances in Australia to fly back to the United States to reconcile with Kris Humphries - we thought, SOMETHING IS FISHY!!

Well now, we're starting to get a clearer picture. According to an insider over at E! Networks - the channel is considering DROPPING Kim Kardashain's new show, Kim and Kourtney take Manhattan. In addition, the channel was planning to STOP airing Kim Kardashian's wedding special.

The loss of the two shows would mean MILLIONS in losses for Kim. She currently is paid more than $2M a season for the reality show and she gets 30% of the ad revenue every time her wedding special airs. And equally as important to Kim, it would keep her OFF the TV screens.

Now you already KNOW that Kim and her mama ain't about to let that happen.

Expect Kim and that Humphries IDIOT to RECONCILE this week, and break up OFFICIALLY, once Kim's show airs it's final episode in December.


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