: We have to give Malinda a lot of credit. If a man TORE ME TO PIECES like he did her in that Essence article, we would NEVER sand next to him.

For those who FORGOT, this is what Mekhi told the mag:

I was 23 when she got pregnant. You want to do the right thing - what society deems as being the right thing. She wanted a structured family lifestyle that she was used to growing up. The women are dominant matriarchs in her family and the men are subversive, subservient and subdued. Me? I come from a family of men - grown-ass men handling their business.

It's easy for a woman to say, 'He cheated on me and did this and that.' Look, I'm a very sexual person - I love to make love. In the morning, stink breath? I want to make love. At night after champagne, I want to make love. Women have to let men be men, not walk over them. If you are dealing with a yellow-bellied, no backbone muthaf***a, then okay. I'm a mover and a shaker - a king . . .

If you want your man to be there with you, you have to be there with him too - a stimulus for a muthaf***a. For most of the relationship, I was the mover and shaker, she was home complaining.


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