: We told y'all that 2011 was the year that HEAUX is winning . . . well the year ain't over, and we may have the BIGGEST WIN YET!!!

According to a member of the Lakers TEAM, we're told that Kobe and Lamar talked OPENLY last season about Kobe's marital problems. And that Lamar offered to 'HOOK KOBE UP' with his wife Khloe's sister, KIM KARDASHIAN, if Kobe and wife Vanessa would ever split up.

Well now that Kobe and Vanessa are OFFICIALLY divorcing, we're told by our TOP SECRET SNITCH that Kobe has AGREED to go on a DATE with Kim. The insider explained, "Kobe [always] had a crush on Kim, but he knew that if they ever dated, she'd go right to the press. Now that he's [legally separated] he doesn't really care."

Wow . . . if Kim K lands Kobe . . . that would OFFICIALLY make her the next J LO. That's pretty SHADY of her though, since Kobe was romantically linked to her EX-BFF Carla DiBella.


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