: Earlier this week, MediaTakeOut.com reported to you that rapper YOUNG JOC's recording studio was ROBBED . . . and that thousands of dollars in cash and equipment was STOLEN.

Police are looking into WHO robbed Joc. Well according to our INSIDE SNITCH, she believes that rapper Young Joc may have SET UP THE ROBBERY HIMSELF!!! The insider who asked to remain ANONYMOUS told MediaTakeOut.com, "[I believe that] Yung Joc set all that robbery up. [First, ] he received a eviction [notice] on the studio last week. He also is facing a foreclosure on his home where is family lives."

And Joc had MORE financial issues. The insider continued, "They repod is wife's Camaro from his girlfriends house name Donna that is a school teacher. They also repo'd his van a few weeks ago, and the repo agent posted it on twitter."

And just in case you had ANY doubt, the insider added the following, "He also just took out a insurance policy on the studio also. So he has all the reasons in the world to set that up."

Dang . . . we know it doesn't look good . . . but we're gonna give dude the benefit of the doubt.


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