: MediaTakeOut.com just learned of some EXPLOSIVE news. According to one of our TRUSTED Atlanta snitches, NeNe Leakes has a HISTORY . . . with Cynthia's husband PETER!!!

The insider, who is a former COLLEAGUE of Peter's tells us that a few years ago Peter and NeNe used to DATE!! The insider explained, "This was BEFORE he met Cynthia. Peter was a ladies man and dated a lot of women, NeNe was one of many . . . it wasn't serious."

And it gets better, the insider claims that Cynthia HAS NO IDEA that Peter and NeNe have a history. The insider added, "Peter is not one of those KISS AND TELL guys, I'm sure he never told Cynthia."

Dang, we could DEFINITELY see the chemistry going on between NeNe and Peter on the show. If we were Cynthia,we'd keep an EYE on those two. Cause you know what they . . . if he's BEEN THERE once . . . he can easily GO AGAIN!!!


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