: Rapper Mos Def reportedly GOT MARRIED over the Holidays. One problem he NEVER got legally divorced from his ex, a woman named Alana Wyatt.

Here;s what she said:

I am the CURRENT WIFE (LEGAL) wife of Dante Smith. Aka Mos def aka Yasin bey! Who knows maybe next year it will be something different according to HIS mood at that day and time. Just so everyone who is paying attention it is clear that no matter what I may have been called, portrayed as because of a few videos and have dated a few athletes. I took his hand in marriage based on a promising life, future, and one day to build an empire of our own. I don’t regret one minute of it. I never will. I made that choice for myself.

I am still his legal wife. Last name, license, certificate and all. I’m sure some DNA also if ya dug deep enuff. I been respectful of his privacy, as well as NOT accepted the MANY MANY offers that have risen over the course of our “ongoing” divorce to throw his trifling ass under a bus. Well I’m DONE! Being quiet, DONE protecting myself for his stupid antics. How dare you NOT settle your MESS here in Toronto (Canada) have my ass out here married to someone I barely know, can’t move on, but yet … “OH”. Here ur ass is trynna marry some one else. AGAIN! Is this a fad or a joke to you?!?! I am disgusted, ashamed, and embarrassed. Not for me, baby boo…….but YOU! Running around marrying what suits your outfit that day.

It's ILLEGAL to marry two women . . . and she's SNITCHIN!! Oh, and here's the best part. Here is what she said about their SEX life:

The man mos def aka yasin bey, I married was NOT who I grew to know, I’m sure he can say the same.

It was the first time I had ever experienced sex with my mouth being forced open and him feeling the need to spit in it 3 times. He would tell me what it meant, but I just could not wrap my mind around it. Each time he did it again and again, and again. This became our routine. It became real to me.


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