: MediaTakeOut.com just received some interesting news, Beyonce is LIKELY to perform at THIS YEARS GRAMMY AWARDS.

According to a person affiliated with the GRAMMYS, people close to Beyonce ASKED the award show programmers if they would "make room for Beyonce if she were available to perform."

The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, "I thought it was a pregnant Beyonce [they were talking about], not a new mom Beyonce." But according to our insider, Bey's people were SERIOUS about it. The insider added, "Of course we'd make room [for Beyonce], she's the biggest star in the world."

Initial reports had Beyonce's actual due dude date in February. While Beyonce's actual due date was never revealed, Beyonce gave birth on Saturday. Beyonce and her new daughter are currently RECOVERING in the hospital.

Even though initial reports said that Bey had a C-Section, Beyonce claims that she delivered her daughter naturally.


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